Twelve Days to Jerusalem

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What would you do if a voice spoke to you day-after-day in the Holy Land?
On a virgin trip to Israel, this happened to Mary. With wonder and awe, in the book Twelve Days to

Jerusalem, Mary tells about taking on the Holy Spirit, head-to-head and heart-to-heart. A compelling, true story, Twelve Days to Jerusalem shares an ordinary person’s life, touched and forever altered by the extraordinary one-on-one interaction with the Holy Spirit, as she falls into the footsteps of Jesus. Provocative in its innocence, Twelve Days to Jerusalem is a book for those in need of God’s grace, a book that swells in the mind and melts in the heart. Extraordinarily honest and moving. Click here to read the book Twelve Days to Jerusalem FREE today!

The following excerpt is the most profound description of my experience in the Holy Land and other times in my life as God and the Holy Spirit blesses me with Their Divine presence (thanks to my husband, Rev. J. R. McAliley, for finding words to express these Holy experiences):


 “In The Journal of John Woolman Chapter IV, 1757, 1758, P. F. Collier & Son, NY 1909, page 208, he shares the following experience. THIRTEENTH fifth month, 1757. —Being in good health, and abroad with Friends visiting families, I lodged at a Friend’s house in Burlington. Going to bed about the time usual with me, I awoke in the night, and my meditations, as I lay, were on the goodness and mercy of the Lord, in a sense whereof my heart was contrited. After this I went to sleep again; in a short time I awoke; it was yet dark, and no appearance of day or moonshine, and as I opened mine eyes I saw a light in my chamber, at the apparent distance of five feet, about nine inches in diameter, of a clear, easy brightness, and near its centre the most radiant. As I lay still looking upon it without any surprise, words were spoken to my inward ear, which filled my whole inward man. They were not the effect of thought, nor any conclusion in relation to the appearance, but as the language of the Holy One spoken in my mind. The words were, CERTAIN EVIDENCE OF DIVINE TRUTH. They were again repeated exactly in the same manner, and then the light disappeared.”